Message from chairman

It is my great pleasure to present to you The prime care which is dedicated for building of Electronic Health Record system for the first time in the private sector in Egypt and the Middle East to provide the highest quality of documentation and ensure accessibility of medical records among health care providers.
The prime care will also provide you for the first time accessibility of your own health record at all time with the ability to interact with your own health care providers (messaging, upload, download of all important documents of your health record). Updating can be easily done at any medical facility you visit using your unique registration number (URN).

The prime care is a complete integrated health record system between health care providers and the patients to provide a solid background for precise and detailed documentation The prime care.

Provides integration of clinical services and easily handling of medical information The prime care Is the ultimate solution for permanently documenting your medical record. Your medical record can then be easily accessed when needed when you are abroad and away from home.
It is your medical companion wherever you go.

Enjoy the free registration to start the process of building your health record on line. Just fill the application form and you will be contacted by one of our professional medical staff to create your EHR.

Thank You.
Dr. Mohamed Zayed